How to add games to your website

To add a game to your website

Go to a site that offers embed codes to the game of your preference. Copy the code, navigate back to WebPapers editor. Create a text box, from there paste the embed code into the text box. Once that is complete click save,to view your game click public view.

Here are a few websites that offer embed-able games…


How to Move Through your Layers

To Move Through Your Layers

There are a few ways to maneuver through your layers. One way to do this is to click on the layers icon  . Once you click on that a prompt box will appear on the left side. Within the box are your different layers which you can rename by simply right clicking on the specific layer. This way allows you to see which layer you are clicking on, you will know because it will be outlined in red. Also instead of clicking on the layer you can use the shortcut, “alt L” and you layers will appear.

The other way to move through your layers is to simply just click tab. This way isn’t as efficient, but it is quicker if are are just making a quick adjustment and you need to find the specific layer.  So the quick way to move through your layers is to click TAB until the layer you want is outline in red.





How to add Social Media Buttons

Adding Social Media Share Buttons

To add a social media button go to the page you wish to add it to and, within your editor the app icon is located at the top. Click on the apps icon located on the right side of source. Once you have clicked the app icon a drop box will appear with 12 different selections. The social media buttons are the first 3 to appear. To add one you simply click the icon preferred, then a text box will appear with whichever social media name. From there you just place and save, on the public view the button will appear.

How to add a Youtube Video

How to Add Google Maps

To add Maps

To add a Google Map within your website, go to Google maps. Type in your location and destination within the A and B section. Once your destination is confirmed, at the top right under sign in there is a link icon. Click on the link icon and a drop box will appear with “Short Url” and “Paste HTML to embed in website”. Copy the “Paste HTML to embed in website”. Go back to webpaper and the page you would like to add the map to. Once you are on the page insert a text box and paste the the code with in. Once you have saved it, it will appear within public view.

How to Add Social Media Buttons

How to Add a Youtube Video

To add a Youtube Video

To add a Youtube video go to Youtube. Copy the embedded code which drops down after you click on share. The first one that appears is the newer embed code which you can use. But, if you use the older one you can adjust it to auto play. The older one is pretty long and if you don’t see it after clicking share simply click on the embed link and it will show up underneath embed.  Once you have copied the code move back to webpaper, click on the page you would like to add the video to. Insert a text box and paste the embed code within.

Hint: If you use the old embed code  you set your video to autoplay. With the new one you can not do that. The code to make it auto play is autoplay=1; the best place to insert it is after the & sign. 

How to add Google Maps 

Reasons why you should use Webpaper

Why use Webpaper?

Webpaper should be used because it does not require any previous programming knowledge. Not only does it not require previous knowledge but it is affordable and easy to use and maintain. You can have a fully functioning website within minutes of your time or someone elses.

Webpaper is very effective all around! ANYONE who can maintain emails, can manage their very own website with webpaper. At a very low-cost you are able to create your own website and make any changes when you want. No more dealing with web developers. Those of you looking for a free solution are in luck, WebPaper also offers a free account that allows up to 3 pages with some cool features. Check out our account package details.

Webpaper also has multiple applications that allow you to easily input slideshows, shopping carts , custom submission forms, social media sharing icon, a live chat room, clocks, music player, google maps, image galleries, and voting polls. All of the applications are user friendly and if you run into a problem there are tutorials made to help with any questions you may have. WebPaper also offers a support line which you may contact at (702) 723-7932 or even use our NEW Live Support Chat.