How to add games to your website

To add a game to your website

Go to a site that offers embed codes to the game of your preference. Copy the code, navigate back to WebPapers editor. Create a text box, from there paste the embed code into the text box. Once that is complete click save,to view your game click public view.

Here are a few websites that offer embed-able games…


How to add Custom Submission Forms to your Website

Learn how to add Custom Submission Forms to your website with

WebPaper allows you to seamlessly add and customize Submission Forms on your website without any previously programming knowledge. To add a Submission Form to your web page, left mouse click the Submission Form icon Custom Submission Form Icon. Once you have clicked on the Submission Form Icon it will automatically add it to your Editor as a gray box. Resize and position this box to any size or position that you wish. Double left mouse click on the gray Submission Form box in your Web Paper Editor to customize and configure your form.

To edit a field left mouse click on the Edit Icon Submission Form Edit Icon. Input the caption you wish to display publicly on your submission form for that field. Choose from the drop down menu of the type of field. Check box the mandatory or if not do not check (This makes it so user must fill in this field before submitting).

To delete a field left mouse click on the Delete Field Icon and click “Yes” upon prompt.

To rearrange fields simply left mouse click on fields then drag and drop them into the order you wish for them to display publicly.

To send submission form to multiple emails simple click “Properties” and between each email you add input “;” (a semi colon). Receiver Email: Example.;;

To change submit button text click “Properties” and edit the Submit button text field to what you wish it to display publicly.

To send a user to a new URL or link upon successfully submission of the form left mouse click on the “Properties” button and input the URL into the “Success URL” field.

To add a graphical button as a submit button simply left mouse click on the “Properties” button and click “My Images” to either upload or pick from pre uploaded images to act as the submit button but in graphical form.

Here is how to style your submit form -


Adding a Slide Show to your Web Page

Learn how to add a Slide Show to your Web Page

Adding a Slide Show to your Web Page with WebPaper is simple! First left mouse click on the Applications Icon Applications Icon. Once clicked a pop up box with WebPaper’s applications will appear. Next left mouse click on the Slide Show Icons Slide Show Icon. After you clicked on the Slide  Show icon a gray box will appear in which will allow you to place and resize to any area or dimensions you wish.

To set the images the slide show will cycle through, all you need to do is double click the gray slide show box.  Then a pop up will appear that you can upload your images, and even order them.  Once finished just save and close, and view on public view to make sure you like the size.  If it looks messed up, try adjusting the height and width to better fit the images.

Now make changes to the properties of your Slide Show,

Effects, Easing, Speed time, and Pause time are now new properties added to your slide show options.

Adding Shopping Cart into your Web Page

Learn how to add a Shopping Cart into your Web Page

Adding ecommerce to your website has never been easier! To add a shopping cart to your website simply click on the application icon Application Icon. After you have left clicked on this icon a pop up box will appear with all the WebPaper Applications.  Find the Shopping Cart Icon that looks like Shopping Cart Icon, left mouse click on this icon to add it to your web page. You will then see a gray box with the caption “shopping cart”. You can manage your shopping cart by double clicking the gray box within your WebPaper Editor.

The Shopping cart application allows users to easily integrate their personal or business Paypal account with a shopping cart. Allowing them to almost instantly start selling products off their website. We also recommend to those with a more complex system in need to use Ecwid.

Ecwid is 100% free but does offer some paid features and packages.

To add Ecwid into your WebPaper account paste the code they give you into a text box and save your page. Go to your Public View and you will see the shopping cart working. (You won’t see the shopping cart working within your editor)

Social Media Sharing Icons

Adding Social Media Sharing Icons

Currently WebPaper offers Social Media Sharing Icons for Facebook Facebook, Twitter Twitter Iocnand DiggDigg Icon. To place these applications onto your any of your WebPaper web pages, simply click the “Applications” WebPaper Applications Icon icon. Once you left click on this icon a Pop up box with multiple applications will appear. Simply click on one of the sharing icons you wish to add.

After you have clicked on any of the above Social Media Icons you will then see a gray box in which you can resize, and position anywhere or way you wish.

Social Media Icons are great for sharing things with friends, family, and or common people in which have the same types of interest as yourself. Social Media websites are a great place to connect and share things with other people. Social Media advertising is free and is very powerful. Take advantage social websites and the powerful networking abilities it allows you. Popular Social Media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Google Plus.