Moving a layer on your Web Page

How to move Layers

To move layers simple left mouse click the four way arrows on the top left corner of every selected layer(s).

To Select multiple layers, hold ctrl while left mouse clicking on other layers.

Click on any of the three resize boxes to resize the image.

Find out what WebPaper is

What is WebPaper?

WebPaper is a FREE Website Builder, along with full hosting and web development tool that anyone can use. People can use WebPaper to build web pages for their business, service, personal or even for commercial use.

WebPaper offers a simple solution to a complex problem; building a website. Building a website has never been so easy. With WebPaper you will be able to create, maintain and market your websites and web pages without any previous web development knowledge.  Along with powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options that anyone can understand.  But if for some reason your having trouble understanding how to use WebPaper you can always check out our tutorial section for more information on this powerful website builder.

WebPaper writes the code for you! Yes, thats right. Without any programming knowledge you will be able to add hyperlinks, images, youtube videos, and content to your web pages seamlessly. Get started 100% FREE with WebPaper by going to .

Who can build their own website

Who can use webpaper?

Anyone can build their website with Webpaper. Everyone can use to build their websites without any previous programming knowledge. Webpaper can be used for both commercial or personal purposes. Webpaper makes it easier to learn for everyone and has tutorials to help guide you through the whole process..

If you can manage your emails then you can build a website using Webpaper. There is no experience needed to build yourself a custom website. We have hundreds of free pre-made templates available to choose from. There is no age restriction to use Webpaper.