How to create a new page

Step 1. To create a new page on your website, head to your “Dashboard” area.

There are two ways you can create a new page. One being to duplicate a current page so you will not need to redesign each individual page.

Step 2a. (To duplicate a current design and page you have already made) Left mouse click on the page you wish to duplicate or hover your mouse over the page and left mouse click “Page Options”. You will see a menu in which displays the following options, “Duplicate”, “WebPaper Subdomain”, “Page Statics”, “Assign Your Domain”, “Your Domain – Page Name”. Left mouse click “Duplicate”, this will create a copy of the page you duplicated.

Step 2b. (To create a whole new page, NOT duplicating)  Left mouse click on “Add New Page” Add New Page Add New Page


Next learn how to add a link to your NEW page!

Learn how to report a bug

We made it convenient and easy for any user of WebPaper to report a bug. We want everyone in the WebPaper community to contribute what they can to improve and point out flaws and mishaps that they find on the WebPapers system. Our goal is to continuously improve and tweak our system to simply be simple, easy, and time effective.

To report a bug on WebPaper navigate to your dashboard area. Once your in your Dashboard area, look for the report bug icon on the top right. It will look something like this [BUG REPORT ICON]. After clicking this icon it will ask you for Bug report description, and screen shot if possible. Once your finished simply click “Send” and your bug report will be sent.