How to add Social Media Buttons

Adding Social Media Share Buttons

To add a social media button go to the page you wish to add it to and, within your editor the app icon is located at the top. Click on the apps icon located on the right side of source. Once you have clicked the app icon a drop box will appear with 12 different selections. The social media buttons are the first 3 to appear. To add one you simply click the icon preferred, then a text box will appear with whichever social media name. From there you just place and save, on the public view the button will appear.

How to add a Youtube Video

Social Media Sharing Icons

Adding Social Media Sharing Icons

Currently WebPaper offers Social Media Sharing Icons for Facebook Facebook, Twitter Twitter Iocnand DiggDigg Icon. To place these applications onto your any of your WebPaper web pages, simply click the “Applications” WebPaper Applications Icon icon. Once you left click on this icon a Pop up box with multiple applications will appear. Simply click on one of the sharing icons you wish to add.

After you have clicked on any of the above Social Media Icons you will then see a gray box in which you can resize, and position anywhere or way you wish.

Social Media Icons are great for sharing things with friends, family, and or common people in which have the same types of interest as yourself. Social Media websites are a great place to connect and share things with other people. Social Media advertising is free and is very powerful. Take advantage social websites and the powerful networking abilities it allows you. Popular Social Media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Google Plus.