How to copy and paste elements

To copy and paste elements between pages:
To copy and paste elements between pages just simply left mouse click on the element to select it, a red outline will appear around the element to show it is selected. To select multiple elements left mouse click while holding “CTRL” on your keyboard. After you have selected an element(s) press “CTRL+C” to copy. Then you may navigate to another page and press “CTRL+V” to paste.

The element will be placed in the exact position as it was previously. If you paste on the same page there will be a 5 pixel difference to off set full overlapping of the elements.

How to copy multiple elements to another page:
Press “CTRL” while left mouse clicking an element. This will allow you to select multiple elements on your page at one time. Pasting single or multiple elements at once require the same keyboard buttons as each other (CTRL+V) to paste.

Learn how to select multiple layers on WebPaper

Selecting multiple layers on WebPaper

To select multiple layers using WebPaper’s editor hold CTRL key( [CTRL] ) + Left Mouse Click (Left mouse clicking) on the layers you wish to select. Don’t let go of the CTRL key( [CTRL] ) button on your keyboard until your finished selecting layers.


Notice that taking your finger off the CTRL key ( [CTRL] ) button on your keyboard and left clicking with your mouse onto another layer will actually discontinue your layer selections and only select that layer you left clicked on.

Selecting multiple layers on WebPaper’s Editor will look like this.
Selecting Multiple Layers

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