WebPaper Newsletter Release November 2011

A great month shared with some great people. We are pleased with the feedback we have received and are looking into every one of them. Most of you will see your ideas and suggestion come into reality quicker then you can say “WebPaper’s the best!”.

Here is what has happened this month -

  • Sort-able images, folders. Allows individual main account holders to organize their images into folders and sub folder.
  • Save reminder. When you forget to save we remind you.
  • Easier to preview fonts.
  • Slide Show effects; we have added some cool effects to your slide show properties.
  • Internet Explorer Font loading – Fixed, we do not load all fonts anymore.
  • Element Rendering Fixed. (No longer load all rendering elements)
  • Additional free layouts added
  • Adsense enabled for Plus and Ultra packages
  • Additional Search Engine Optimization added to the hyperlink text properties.
  • Sub Account uploading permission added.

WebPaper Newsletter Release September 2011

Over the recent weeks WebPaper has been revamped and improved. Everyday we extend into a new horizon of opportunity, commitment and worthiness to serve our clients no matter how small or large. We are here to equally produce a simpler, and quicker solution to your Web Development needs.

September has brought us a series of changes, lets review them!

  • Tutorial Section release – Our tutorial section is updated and added to daily, we were not able to release all tutorials at once. Top requested tutorials are prioritized for production.
  • HTTPS release for a better more secure platform. We take security and your privacy very seriously. We take all precautions and means to protect it. Your Login and register pages are fully 256 bit secured.
  • Released paid access content protection and user management to all accounts (Free,Plus, and Ultra). This allows users to take paypal payments for content access.

Its been a busy month, much more coming soon! Enjoy