How to add Sub Accounts

How to add Sub Accounts to your Existing WebPaper account

What is the purpose of sub accounts?

Sub Account allows you to create account in which have access to your WebPaper account. You have full authority over each account, including login email address, password, and even pages in which they are allowed to edit and see in their account.

To add a sub account navigate to your “DashBoard” click  

Learn How to Assign Pages on Sub-Accounts

Learn how to assign pages to Sub-accounts using WebPaper

To assign pages on sub-accounts on your Webpaper account, Log into your Webpaper account and enter your Webpaper Dashboard. Then on the right of the page click the “Manage Sub-Accounts. Then a box with all your sub-accounts will display. Find which sub-account you choose to assign a Webpaper page to. To the right of the sub-accounts you will see “assign pages“. Left mouse Click on that, and Webpaper will redirect you to another tab/page showing all your pages you have on Webpaper. Then check the boxes on the side of each page you choose to assign to your sub-account. Once you have your pages picked, click the “save changes” on the bottom of the page.