How to add your site to Search Engines

Why submit your website to major Search Engines?

The reason why you SHOULD submit your website to Search Engines is so you introduce the crawlers to your content. Crawlers are the robots that detects the content on your website such as “text” and “images”. Submitting a newly made website is HIGHLY recommended. Did I mention is 100% free?

The process to submit your website to Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines is simple and easy to do. This process shouldn’t take you anymore then ten minutes of your time. We suggest submitting your website to all three of these major Search Engines.


Reasons why you should use Webpaper

Why use Webpaper?

Webpaper should be used because it does not require any previous programming knowledge. Not only does it not require previous knowledge but it is affordable and easy to use and maintain. You can have a fully functioning website within minutes of your time or someone elses.

Webpaper is very effective all around! ANYONE who can maintain emails, can manage their very own website with webpaper. At a very low-cost you are able to create your own website and make any changes when you want. No more dealing with web developers. Those of you looking for a free solution are in luck, WebPaper also offers a free account that allows up to 3 pages with some cool features. Check out our account package details.

Webpaper also has multiple applications that allow you to easily input slideshows, shopping carts , custom submission forms, social media sharing icon, a live chat room, clocks, music player, google maps, image galleries, and voting polls. All of the applications are user friendly and if you run into a problem there are tutorials made to help with any questions you may have. WebPaper also offers a support line which you may contact at (702) 723-7932 or even use our NEW Live Support Chat.