WebPaper Newsletter Release November 2011

A great month shared with some great people. We are pleased with the feedback we have received and are looking into every one of them. Most of you will see your ideas and suggestion come into reality quicker then you can say “WebPaper’s the best!”.

Here is what has happened this month -

  • Sort-able images, folders. Allows individual main account holders to organize their images into folders and sub folder.
  • Save reminder. When you forget to save we remind you.
  • Easier to preview fonts.
  • Slide Show effects; we have added some cool effects to your slide show properties.
  • Internet Explorer Font loading – Fixed, we do not load all fonts anymore.
  • Element Rendering Fixed. (No longer load all rendering elements)
  • Additional free layouts added
  • Adsense enabled for Plus and Ultra packages
  • Additional Search Engine Optimization added to the hyperlink text properties.
  • Sub Account uploading permission added.

Adding a hyperlink to your WebPage

Learn how to add a hyperlink to your Website

To add a hyperlink to your Website using WebPaper, click the icon  within your WebPaper editor.

On the prompt screen input Link (URL), check box for open in new window, and text to display for hyperlink.

For example. Link: http://www.Google.com

Check box: check to open in new window/ do not check for opening hyperlink in current window

Text: text of the URL you wish to display. This text will be a clickable hyperlink

Find out what WebPaper is

What is WebPaper?

WebPaper is a FREE Website Builder, along with full hosting and web development tool that anyone can use. People can use WebPaper to build web pages for their business, service, personal or even for commercial use.

WebPaper offers a simple solution to a complex problem; building a website. Building a website has never been so easy. With WebPaper you will be able to create, maintain and market your websites and web pages without any previous web development knowledge.  Along with powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options that anyone can understand.  But if for some reason your having trouble understanding how to use WebPaper you can always check out our tutorial section for more information on this powerful website builder.

WebPaper writes the code for you! Yes, thats right. Without any programming knowledge you will be able to add hyperlinks, images, youtube videos, and content to your web pages seamlessly. Get started 100% FREE with WebPaper by going to http://WebPaper.co/ .

Adding a Slide Show to your Web Page

Learn how to add a Slide Show to your Web Page

Adding a Slide Show to your Web Page with WebPaper is simple! First left mouse click on the Applications Icon Applications Icon. Once clicked a pop up box with WebPaper’s applications will appear. Next left mouse click on the Slide Show Icons Slide Show Icon. After you clicked on the Slide  Show icon a gray box will appear in which will allow you to place and resize to any area or dimensions you wish.

To set the images the slide show will cycle through, all you need to do is double click the gray slide show box.  Then a pop up will appear that you can upload your images, and even order them.  Once finished just save and close, and view on public view to make sure you like the size.  If it looks messed up, try adjusting the height and width to better fit the images.

Now make changes to the properties of your Slide Show,

Effects, Easing, Speed time, and Pause time are now new properties added to your slide show options.

Social Media Sharing Icons

Adding Social Media Sharing Icons

Currently WebPaper offers Social Media Sharing Icons for Facebook Facebook, Twitter Twitter Iocnand DiggDigg Icon. To place these applications onto your any of your WebPaper web pages, simply click the “Applications” WebPaper Applications Icon icon. Once you left click on this icon a Pop up box with multiple applications will appear. Simply click on one of the sharing icons you wish to add.

After you have clicked on any of the above Social Media Icons you will then see a gray box in which you can resize, and position anywhere or way you wish.

Social Media Icons are great for sharing things with friends, family, and or common people in which have the same types of interest as yourself. Social Media websites are a great place to connect and share things with other people. Social Media advertising is free and is very powerful. Take advantage social websites and the powerful networking abilities it allows you. Popular Social Media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and Google Plus.